Finding the Right Fit

The National Center for State Courts has launched Finding the Right Fit: Decision-Making Supports and Guardianship, online training to support someone who needs help making decisions and managing life. The engaging, interactive course has something for everyone – friends and family members, guardians, and individuals who want to plan for their own future or need help now – and explains legal concepts in plain language. It includes three tracks: supporting decisions, using legal options to support or substitute decision-making, and serving as a guardian. The training also offers realistic scenarios to help users develop strategies for their own lives. 

Finding the Right Fit provides information and guidance on:

  • How to support friends and loved ones in making their own choices about their health, finances, and lifestyle.
  • Legal options, including powers of attorney and advance directives.
  • How to become a guardian.
    How a guardian can support a person’s decision-making.
  • Identifying and understanding the risk of abuse, neglect, and exploitation that comes with any of the above options.