The large population of "baby boomers" entering their senior years, combined with longer life spans, have created a demographic phenomenon sometimes referred to as the "silver tsunami." By the year 2030, almost one of every five Americans will be 65 years or older. This transition to an older society will impact every major institution: the economy, healthcare, housing, transportation, and the justice system. The Aging pages provide an overview of issues that are likely to concern the courts.

Gather information on the demographics of the U.S. population as it relates to the older age groups.

Medical and Social Aspects
Learn about medical and social aspects of aging. In addition to statistics related to physical impairments that tend to be associated with the aging process, these pages include an overview of common mental health issues and key medical concepts.

Key Legal Issues
Become familiar with three key legal concepts that often must be considered in addressing cases involving older persons: capacity, consent and undue influence.

Roles and Responses
Learn about promising practices and model programs that courts can implement to improve access for older persons and to create multi-agency coordinated responses.