The guardianship pages include a discussion of both guardianships (guardian of the person) and conservatorships (guardian of the estate).  Examples of model practices are provided throughout each section. Information and resources are provided on the following topics.

Guardianship Basics
Learn about the general definitions, types and powers of guardians, reform efforts, state task force activities, state laws, guardianship data, and the general guardianship process.

Establishment of Guardianships Read an overview of the process and learn about resources on emergency powers, the use of less restrictive alternatives, determination of capacity, and procedural protections.

Qualifications of Guardians Get up-to-date information on the general qualifications of guardians, background checks and bonds, and education and training for guardians.

Guardianship Monitoring Learn about reporting requirements, monitoring practices, fees and services, staffing and volunteer programs, “red flags,” differentiated case management, enforcement of orders, and technology.

Listserv Judicial officials and court staff with interests in the areas of adult guardianships and conservatorships are encouraged to sign up for the Listserv.